March 2016


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

President's Corner

This month my thoughts go back to the time when I had planned my classroom lesson around a film only to have the lamp burn out in the projector and turn the film into a tangled mess on the floor. Here is another scenario: You plan to run your third period test off during your second period planning time only to find the copy machine with an out of order sign taped to its side when you get there. Remember those good old days? Well, it happened to me this month when our planned program presenters were unable to perform and quick adjustments had to be made. I had been lucky up until now, just months from my stepping down as President. When I was teaching, I always had a plan B just in case plan A failed me. Thank goodness we have several members who can step in and quickly find a program worthy of a two digit admission ticket. 

DMARSPA has many members who have a passion for history and travel. Our members are scholars, artists, poets and scientists. They work with various cultures and income groups. They do service work for churches, schools, and senior centers. Our members volunteer at the Botanical Center, Art Center and The World Food Prize Building. I could continue listing all the good our members do on a daily basis but it would take more space in my corner and all day to list them. I am nearing the end of my term and I will again invite anyone reading this to consider joining DMARSPA. You are welcome anytime. If you wish to join, think about making a reservation when the “new” year begins in September. Please check out on this page how you can make that reservation. Remember, if you have plan A, be sure there is a plan B just in case.

Justine Finley

Last Minute Program Change

There has been a last minute change in our program for Thursday, June 22.  The Irish Dancers are unable to perform for us. Fortunately, we have arranged for a great substitution.  Robert Warren, the Executive Director at Hoyt Sherman Place, will regale us with his experiences as the manager of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Scholarship Awarded to Nicolas Saluri

At our May meeting we awarded the third of the 2017 scholarships to Nicolas Saluri.  Nicolas is a junior at ISU majoring in Elementary Education with endorsements in reading and English as a Second Language.  Nicolas is a graduate of Johnston High School.  His activities include Boy Scouts, ISU Education Association, Future Teachers and Future Leaders Learning Community, Freshman Council-Social Justice Committee, ISU Band, tutoring at elementary schools, Ronald McDonald House, and as a religious education teacher at his church. 

May 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017

Scholarships Awarded

DMARSPA awarded three $1500 scholarships this year.  Two of the recipients, Olivia Crane (left) and Gabriella Kramer (right) were honored at our April meeting.  Olivia is an education major at Iowa State University.  Some of her community educational activities are National Society for Collegiate Scholars, Project Linus, writing letters to WWII veterans and tutoring elementary students in reading and math.  She will be doing her student teaching next year in Italy. Olivia is a graduate of S.E. Polk High School.  Gabriella is also an education major at Iowa State University.  Some of her community activities include Boys and Girls Club, teaching sign language, teaching ELL elementary school students, and teaching vacation bible school. Gabriella is a graduate of Valley High School. The third recipient will be honored at our May meeting.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Volunteer Hours

IRSPA has reported the volunteer hours totals for 2015-2016.  The 5919 IRSPA members that volunteered reported a total of 413,291 hours for 2015-2016. At a national rate of $23.56 per hour this equals $9,737,135.30 in value, up by $515,104.40 from a year ago.   DMARSPA reported 917 hours for youth, 5,657 hours for community totaling 6,574 hours valued at $154,883.44. Remember to record meetings, social get-togethers and phone calls in addition to unpaid care-giving for children and adults. Let's try to increase those totals for next year.